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Electro-Static Locker Painting
Locker Painting
On-Site Electrostatic Painting

Metal Furniture

On-Site Electro-Static Painting of:
• Lockers
• Office Furniture
• Under Counter Lab Furniture
• Under Counter Bank Equipment
• Elevators
• Shop Equipment and Machines

Benefits of electrostatic painting over conventional methods:
•  Cost-effective.
•  Done at your location.
•  Minimal interruption of your business.
•  The staff will have less frustration.
•  No risk of overspray.
•  Dries to the touch quickly and is ready for light use the next morning.
•  Hygienic (the non-porous surface doesn't create a harbor for MRSA, etc.)
•  Impervious to disinfectants as well as common cleaning solutions.
•  Factory-like enamel finish.

The electro-static painting process is perfect for all types of metal office furniture, lockers, industrial furniture and machinery. The system relies on reverse polarization in which the paint is charged as it comes out of the spray gun, the metal piece being painted is grounded with a magnetic ground and the paint is actually drawn to the metal surface eliminating overspray. We can use standard enamel or two component epoxy paints which will provide you with like new look.

The surfaces are cleaned of any stickers and foreign materials, each piece is then hand sanded and washed down with a chemical cleaner. Drawer handles and surfaces not being painted will be masked for protection along with floors and wall. The paint is spray applied in your choice of color and because the paint is an air dry the items are useable the net day all for a fraction of replacement costs.

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P.O. Box 68
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Phone: (610) 517-1448   Fax: (908) 213-0793